• Enhance your beautiful features

    Your makeup needs to reflect your personality and style and make you feel the best version of yourself.

  • Creative, colorful & fun

    From concept creation to execution, Cristina is excited about every step in the process. Whether it's fashion or editorial photo-/ videoshoots she loves to get involved, contribute and brainstorm with the team on how to achieve the best results. 

  • Improve your kit & techniques

    Looking to improve your makeup skills, learn about the products and textures that suit your skin type or just to get some tips & tricks on how to quickly achieve a simple makeup look?

    Then this masterclass is for you. 


    Check out the details!

About Cristina

Makeup was always Cristina’s passion. When the time felt right, she decided to get certified and leave her career in the corporate consultancy world behind to embark on another exciting journey - the one of creating art and beauty.

Cristina is a makeup artist living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

She is looking to make women glow and feel empowered by enhancing their natural beauty and style.

Whether it’s getting creative on set working for an editorial or commercial campaign, or making women feel pampered on their special day, Cristina’s is all about expressing beauty and emotions through her looks.


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